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Born on: June 23, 1988 in Tacoma, WA
Lives in: Graham, WA

Andrew has had an amazing driving career with 61 victories and race wins in every class he has driven. Andrew's first race was in 1998 in a kart and in only his 3rd race he qualified on the pole. In his first year of racing karts he finished on the podium in half of his rookie season races and was named the Junior Rookie Driver of the Year. The next season he won 3 races and was on the podium in 8 out of the 10 races and went onto earn his first drivers championship title.

Andrew raced karts for 4 years and won 3 championships, 28 wins, 57 podium finishes, and 5 track records, in 80 race starts. Other special awards that Andrew won are; 2000 Junior Driver of the Year and the 2001 Junior Sportsman of the Year.

In 2002, Andrew began racing a Bandolero to get some paved oval racing experience. It took a few races for the crew to understand how to make the car work and in the second half of the season, Andrew won more races and scored more points than any other driver. In the 14 race season he won 3 races, and was on the podium in 11 races while setting 3 track records. Andrew finished the year with a second place points finish and the Rookie of the Year title.

2003 saw Andrew move up to the Legends class where he again won a race and a pole position along with 3 podium finishes even though the team only ran a partial season.

2004 saw Andrew return to a kart for just a few races and lots of practicing as he prepared for a move into Sportscars. He entered only 5 kart races and won 4 of them along with 4 pole positions.

In 2005 when Andrew turned 16 he began racing an SCCA Spec Miata. In his very first year of sportscar racing, he entered 25 races and had 9 wins, 21 podium finishes, 2 track records, and was crowned the SCCA Northwest Region Spec Miata Champion! He was also awarded with the regions Novice Driver of the Year award.

2006 saw Andrew again winning the SCCA Northwest Region Spec Miata Championship and he also won the SCCA Novice Driver of the Year while winning the huge SCCA Spec Miata National Championship! Andrew was then invited to and won the 2006 Mazda Shootout where he won a Mazda MX-5 Cup car.

In 2007, Andrew competed at a professional level for the first time in the Mazda MX-5 Cup series where he won 2 races, 2 poles, and finished 2nd in the point championship as a rookie.

2008 was a great year where Andrew won the Inaugural Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup by winning 3 races, 5 poles, 7 podiums, and 5 track records in the new FR500S Mustang.

2009 started out right were 2008 ended, winning 4 races and finishing every race on the podium while again capturing the Miller Cup in the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge.

2010 was a completely new direction for Andrew. His association with the Jenkins brothers, owners of Traxxas, let to the decision to follow in his father Roger's footsteps a little bit and get involved in off road truck racing. Roger, being a championship winning off road racer himself, was very excited about Andrew's potential. And Andrew did not dissapoint! In his very first season, he racked up 3 wins, 7 Traxxas Max Lap awards, and finished 2nd in points with 8 podium finishes! Not bad for a first try.

Andrew Caddell

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